Completion of the Enrolment Form is compulsory and extremely important for any course which you wish to complete. Every field in the enrolment form requires your attention and completion. Enrolment data is collected and stored electronically. CRCIT accepts all Students’ right to privacy and will treat all Student information provided at enrolment confidentially.

  • Enrolment in courses at CRCIT must be completed prior to the commencement date of the courses.
  • CRCIT does not accept Students who have not enrolled prior to the commencement of classes.
  • All enrolments MUST have a USI number.

How do I obtain an enrolment form?

Enrolment forms can be completed using this link – CRCIT Online Enrolment

Enrolment forms can be obtained through the link emailed to you. Please refer to your CRCS email and complete the online enrolment.

For any further information or if you are unclear about your enrolment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I obtain a USI?

To create a USI, go to www.usi.gov.au. It takes approximately 5 minutes. When applying, make sure you have some identification on hand to verify who you are as you go through the application process.  Examples of ID include a passport, Birth Certificate, driver’s licence or Medicare card.